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Medication Management

One of the most critical aspects of a patient’s recovery at home is taking medications as directed by a physician.

One of the most critical aspects of a patient’s recovery at home is taking medications as directed by a physician. Waypoint Home Health Care’s team of registered nurses and therapists follows a proven medication management regimen designed to keep patients safe and healthy at home by ensuring they:

  • Take the right medicine
  • The right dosage
  • At the right time
  • Via the right delivery route – all according to the doctor’s orders


Waypoint Home Health Care’s Medication Management program provides the patient/caregiver with thorough education on the patient’s medications and their related diagnoses, assistance with organizing medications and setting up reminders, regular medication reconciliations (when WayPoint clinicians work to ensure the patient medication list accurately corresponds with instructions on the pill bottles and how the patient describes they are taking their medications) and regular communication and medication clarifications with the patient’s physician(s).

Program Goals

  • Reduce illnesses and complications due to medication noncompliance, interactions, and errors
  • Zero medication errors by catching, correcting and conducting root cause analysis of any patient medication errors found
  • Thorough patient education on all medications they are taking
  • Effective communication with the patient’s physician to ensure medications are being taken as prescribed and with what results
  • Reduce the risk of re-hospitalization


  • Create a medication list with regular updates and verification of its accuracy
  • Ensure patient/caregiver understands their diagnoses and the medications prescribed by their physician(s) to treat them
  • Regular Medication Reconciliation of all prescribed and over-the-counter medications to assess how the patient is taking medications and whether that corresponds with their physician’s understanding of their medication regimen
  • Assist in developing a medication schedule and reminders
  • Educate patient/caregiver on proper dosage, frequency, and side effects of medications
  • Regularly evaluate patient response to medication and its effectiveness
  • Communicate with the physician office to ensure the best outcomes for the patient