Brevard County: 321.267.2950
Volusia County: 386.410.5600
REFERRAL FAX: 844.659.2825

Who We Are

Waypoint Home Health Care is a licensed home health care provider offering an exceptional level of medical, rehabilitative and preventative health care and education services to individuals healing at home.

Comprised of carefully selected clinical team members, each with extensive experience and outstanding reputations in the field of home health care, Waypoint Home Health Care offers a different type of home health care, one based upon the following guiding principle:

Superior Care through Integrity, Compassion,
and an Eye toward the Complete Health of the patient.

This is the message the Waypoint Home Health Care clinical team members carry into the field every day by treating each of our patients with the same high level of clinical care, respect and compassion that we would offer to and demand for our own loved ones.

Our nurses and therapists are available 7 days a week with on-call staff available by phone 24 hours per day.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in the mind-body connection, the power of kindness, patience, a smile, fun, laughter
  • We believe in the power of love
  • We believe that no one should feel unimportant or unheard
  • Every patient is extremely important to us and receives specialized care
  • We believe in attention to detail, that small things make a big difference
  • We believe in going the extra mile for all we serve
  • Though we strive for perfection we take ownership of mistakes when they occur and fix them immediately
  • We stay vigilant about the quality of our care and are always looking for ways to do more and improve
  • We believe quality patient care starts with excellent clinicians who love what they do and feel valued for their work
  • Behind the scenes at Waypoint, we strive to take good care of each other
  • It is from a place of joy, love, appreciation, and mutual respect that we feel best capable of caring for others